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This violin is a 2016 Italian made fine instrument. Workmanship and material are both fantastic! It sounds wonnderful also!

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About Godfrey Strings USA:

Godfrey Strings USA is a stringed instrument company, registered in the State of Ohio. Founded in 1990, the company has a near 30 year world class reputation.  We specialize in new and modern fine Italian and American instruments which have equal or better sound than many older classic instrument. Our product, service and effort have satisfied clients worldwide.

There are many violin shops. But very few could match the sound quality and thorough selection process of Godfrey Strings. The three crucial factors separate Godfrey Strings from the rest are:

1) instrument selection,

2) adjustment,

3) proper break-in of sound.

Allow me to explain the three factors in details:
"Selection of instrument"
Mr. Godfrey Zhu exams workmanship, varnish, wood quality, then tests sound before each purchase.  Sometimes, Mr. Zhu is involved with the woods selection process with top level makers.  Such careful selection process and travel are very time consuming. Ametuer dealers buy instruments from "Famous Makers" because ametuer dealers cannot REALLY tell the build quality and sound. Then Ametuer dealers mark up a percentage on the instrument to their clients. That is why you see many "Poorly Sounding Instrument" being offered by these dealers. Even reputable dealers spent little time to adjust "Sound". Many of them focus on "Workmanship", but cannot adjust their instrument to the full sound potential.

"Sound Adjustment"
Sound Adjustment (Or called "Re-open Sound" for older instrument which was not being played for a period) is a time consuming adjustment. Such adjustment involves meticulous trial of sound, and bridge and sound post adjustment.  Most of violin makers and repairmen cannot match our ability of sound adjustment.  The "Best Sound Adjustment" is done by the "Best Performers", period!  We work with many top level makers and repairmen worldwide when I need them to make bridge and sound post.  We adjust all violins we sell.  We offer such services to very advanced players and very high quality violins.  Please contact us if you are interested.

"Break-In of Sound:
Players INFLUENCE the sound of their instrument ABSOLUTELY!  Therefore, the beginning of the "Sound Break-In period" is very IMPORTANT for the development of a new instrument.  Proper playing makes an instrument sounding open, responsive, brilliant, presenting all great quality of a particular instrument.  Over pressed playing oppresses instrument's full vibration and capability. Instruments in such state sound tight, unresponsive, lack of brilliance, etc.  On the internet, you can find many documented instances of great instruments became dormant due lack of playing. They slowly awaken after being played again.  I can tell the substantive style of a player when I play his/her instrument.  I use top notch French bow to open the sound of all new violins I sell.  This process often last an year and half to five years.  I have had over fifty years of formal training on violin.  My teachers include Dorothy DeLay, Pinchas Zukerman, Alexander Kerr, etc.   






Benefits of Buying From Us:

We go to your location to pickup your instrument for repair. We also provide instrument of equal or higher quality for your emergency needs for concert, recording or competition. We can arrange special loaner when you need a great sounding instrument for concert and competition when you are our client. Contact us for details.

Our Support to Talented Classical Musicians:

Even when you are not our clients, exceptional players, professional players and young talents are welcome to contact us for special arrangement of loaning fine instruments for certain occasions.  

Nationwide, we organize instrument appreciation and sound comparison events, private meetings, etc.  Interested people are welcome to contact us.













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1977 Mason & Hamlin BB Grand Piano Oct. 2019 Professional Recordings



1992 Yamah Conservatory C7 Grand Piano Oct. 2019 Professional Recordings



























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